Hello There!

Wishing you a blessed Wednesday.I finally made the PAPER BAG WAIST skirt,this style is called paper bag because the design of the waist resembles a paper bag held firmly with one hand.Now in 2018 this style was making rounds,on the internet,in stores,from skirts, shorts and pants and i wanted to try make one so badly,you can imagine how late i am to the party lol but that's okay.



Hello There!
Happy Wednesday!Today it's all about this dress which made it into my first makes for 2020 in January. I had this fabric for over 2 years!i know i know lol.When i bought it i wanted to practice matching plaid but for a long time i was so intimidated and never really attempted.Over time the more i looked at the fabric the more i did not like it ha ha!yes that happens y'all.

The El dress

Hello there

This was my last make in 2019,i call it the El dress, named after my loving mother (Elsie),she used to love everything gathered and every time she wanted me to make her something she would always want a gathered dress!It's a very simple dress and very comfortable ,it sure is going to make rounds.I have had this linen fabric for over a year, initially when i bought it i had a wrap top in mind but that changed,(i am your typical over thinker) often time i buy a fabric thinking that i have a project in mind but then i change my mind so many times before actually cutting into the fabric🙈🤦🏽‍♀️ I hope to do better this year.